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"The quality of the flag reflects the brand of the rodeo,

the sponsor, and the relationship between the two."

Kenni Decker, Owner


Without sponsors, there would not be any rodeos and every sponsor deserves to have a flag that will get them noticed! 

I make a premium product that cannot be compared to less expensive screen-printed flags, nor can you find any flags like mine on the internet - I am the only one that appliques flags with metallic fabric and metallic fringe! My flags last a lot longer and look a million times better, so the investment is well worth it. They are also less expensive in the long run because they won't wear out or look ragged after only a few uses! Every flag I make is custom made and it takes a minimum of three days to make each flag. Several labor-intensive hours go into making each flag. The flags are made to last for several years and reflect the quality behind every rodeo committee and every sponsor.

Due to the rising cost of living and the number of hours it takes to make each flag, my flags now start at $650 and most are priced at that amount. 

Logos with taglines, layered colors, intricate detail (outlines, etc.), or extra text (cities, phone numbers, websites, etc.) are priced accordingly. Keep in mind that the flags are in motion at the rodeo, so less is more. Websites and phone numbers are essential for printed advertising, but not on flags.  People simply don't have time to read a lot of text on a flag when it is in motion but they will recognize your logo from a mile away. Simple is best and it also keeps the price of the flags down. 


I firmly believe and advocate that rodeo committees and sponsors look their very best when they have my flags. My goal is to reflect each sponsor's commitment and investment in their rodeo. Plus, when the sponsors LOVE their flags, it strengthens their relationship and their commitment to the rodeo. A small investment has a huge impact! I have a lot of clients that send me pictures of their flags at the rodeo, telling me how excited they were and how much they loved seeing their flag! 

I get orders from committees and well-recognized companies that order several flags at once and I also get orders from individual sponsors. For rodeo committees that wish to order several flags, I do offer discounts based on the number of flags and how much notice I am given. I can sometimes accommodate rush orders, but not always. I always try my best as I never like saying I can't get it done!


Keep in mind that my flags are in VERY HIGH DEMAND, especially from May - to September. I typically do not have a day off from the end of March until November. (I don't take weekends off and I don't work 8-5). Along with this, I am a small business owner. I have to pay self-employment taxes, all of my business expenses, purchase fabric and other materials, do all of my marketing, answer all calls and emails personally, make all of the flags, stress over every detail, and ship all of the flags.


I promise that the investment in my flags is very well worth it and you will LOVE your flag! 


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